Monday, May 23, 2011

One Sunday Morning

On Mother's Day morning I saw a man driving this horse pulling a wagon on the road in front of our house. I grabbed my camera and caught up with him. He had recently bought the horse and wagon in Amish country. The horse was a Standardbred. What a beautiful sight it was. I am a portrait artist and have a tendancy to zoom in on subjects. I hope to paint one of the horse and wagon soon.

"One Sunday Morning" 18 x 24


  1. OUTSTANDING! Love the curious look on the horse's face and the soft hazy background. How you work colors, lighting, emotion and perfect anatomy of subject into a piece is simply amazing Jerry!

  2. One of the many benefits of living in the country ! Beautiful, a terrific composition and your signature palette here is outstanding. I especially like the movement in the turn of his neck and the way he is looking directly at the viewer. It's easily understood he is about to turn his head and continue with his work; very well done, Jerry!